Have a question? My team and I are happy to hear your questions and get you answers! When you type a question, it shows up not only on that experiment but also here so you can easily find your answer. You'll find question boxes at the bottom of every experiment in the program.

Question: from firuzkh about the Carbon Dioxide experiment :

Hi Aurora, I am clicking 5th grade level Chemistry. And every single experiment says it is for advanced grades. Why these videos popping up, when I search only 5th grade topics? Is there any chemistry experiments for lower grade students? For the price which I paid it should be something we can do without being asked to upgrade.

Question: from nabreo about the Forensic Science experiment :

How much time does a escience member get e camp? We love you Aurora, you do so much to help me kids in learning science. They absolutely love science now. Thanks Nicole

Question: from nikaerin about the Introduction to Kinematics experiment :

In the introductory video it showed you clicking on a link on the introduction to kinematics page which took you to the whole textbook for downloading. We can't find that link at all now, can you direct us? Also in that video a lot more topics were shown on the upper right side of the page. Are we not seeing everything we should be or have those been moved to a different section? Thanks!

Question: from holly_nobl about the Detecting the Gravitational Field experiment :

Would a feather hit the ground at the same time as a bowling ball if dropped from the same height?

Question: from ral0101 about the Remote Controls I experiment :

Hey Aurora, How can I use the SPST switch on the robot?

Question: from ral0101 about the Robots Shop List experiment :

Hello, Just wondering... what experiment do I need the SPST switch for? Thanks!

Answer:  Underwater R.O.V. Project

Yes you can drive this while people are swimming, just keep the battery out of the water! If it's plugged into a car charger, I would not recommend swimming when it is in operation, since the car charger is plugged into the wall (if that's the kind you have).

Question: from ilinca_doros about the Underwater R.O.V. Project experiment :

Can I drive this in a pool where people are swimming, or would it be an electric hazard?

Answer:  How to Use a Microscope: Optics, Observing, and Drawing Techniques

Hi Andie! If the lens is touching the slide, it can crack it, so be careful! Always start with the stage at its lowest position (or the nosepice at the hightest) and them start moving it as you look through the scope. If you find it doesn't focus, make sure you're on the lowest magnification first before you start trying to move the stage up. The higher the magnification, the closer the lens will be to the sample. Make sure your sample isn't too big, or it won't work in the microscope. Microscopes are designed to work within a certain range, so your sample cannot be too large or your slide too thick, or the laws of physics/optics will cause it not to be in focus. Using a microscope takes skill, so here's where you are developing that skill! If you can't get an image it's usually because the microscope isn't working right or the user didn't prepare the sample right. Try taking a specimen as thin as possible (like a moth wing or an onion membrane and also something larger in thickness, like a 1" square sheet of paper. Focus on it with low power and if you see an image (even if it's blurry, then the scope is doing ok.

Answer:  How to Add and Multiply Quickly in your Head

I'll have my team contact you right away to make sure your account is set up correctly!

Answer:  Slide Preparation: Staining

Hi Andie! I am sorry it took so long to get back to you! I was on a science Road Trip with my family for July. If you want to see the critters without killing them, try making the live cell laser microscope - that's a great way to view them in their own natural habitat. Look in Unit 9 for complete instructions. And also let me know if that's not going to work and I have more suggestions. (Food coloring is not a good idea.)

Question: from lemmonlear about the How to Add and Multiply Quickly in your Head experiment :

I am trying to view the video to this lesson but it says I do not have access. I have the 9th-12th grade subscription though. Am I doing something wrong? There are quite a few videos that I am having this issue with. Thanks for your help!

Question: from robertdangelo about the How to Use a Microscope: Optics, Observing, and Drawing Techniques experiment :

Hi Aurora, it's Andie. I'm trying to look at a mouth smear (you can look it up on the internet if you need a picture), and I can see the nucleus and the organelles, but that's all I can see. If I try to go up on a higher magnification, the lens and the slide touch (I don't want that). Is this supposed to happen or am I doing something wrong. Thanks, Andie D'

Question: from robertdangelo about the Slide Preparation: Staining experiment :

Hi Aurora, it's Andie. I want to look at river water under a microscope, mainly because I'm sure that there are all kinds of little creatures in there. However I am almost certain that I will need to stain it, but I don't want to kill all the organisms in there. Will ordinary food coloring do the trick? Thanks, Andie D' P.S. Please respond soon. ~ Andie

Answer:  Disappearing Foam Cup

Oops - sorry about that? I"ll have my team fix it right away.

Answer:  Disappearing Foam Cup

I apologize for the trouble. If you're going through the program by grade level, simply contact us with the grade level you need and we'll unlock everything you need for that level. We're working to get this resolved so you'll have access to everything you need, so in the meantime this is our "work around". I'll have Tonya bet in touch to make sure you have everything you need.

Question: from Klbelemjian about the Disappearing Foam Cup experiment :

This experiment is classified as 5th grade science, but I can't access it because the page says 9-12th grade. That's a tease. Please give access to K-8 members or remove it from 5th grade science category.

Question: from sjrecer about the Star Gazing experiment :

Song of the Sun experiment in Astronomy says Comments Closed. Can you please open the comments section there? Thanks.

Answer:  Scalars and Vectors

No, our curriculum is stand-alone. However many of our users are coming to us from another curriculum, like Apologia that they'd like to finish using since they've purchased it and want to complete it. So I created conversion charts for members that request them which you can find archived here: https://www.sciencelearningspace.com/2010/01/conversion-charts/ Since there were a lot of requests for Apologia specifically, I created entire pages that walk you through the program that best fits the Module you're working on. You can find them here: https://www.sciencelearningspace.com/grade-levels/advanced-projects-2/apologia-ap-chemistry/ https://www.sciencelearningspace.com/grade-levels/advanced-projects-2/apologia-chemistry/ https://www.sciencelearningspace.com/grade-levels/advanced-projects-2/apologia-advanced-physics/ https://www.sciencelearningspace.com/grade-levels/advanced-projects-2/apologia-physical-science/ https://www.sciencelearningspace.com/grade-levels/advanced-projects-2/apologia-biology/

Question: from Supercharged Science: a Homeschool Science Review | Nourishing Parenting about the Keeping a Scientific Journal experiment :

[…] my children to write more. Supercharged Science has a whole page that is dedicated to making a scientific journal in a professional […]

Question: from beth_goodwin about the Scalars and Vectors experiment :

Hi. I noticed you mentioned the Apologia Physical Science in conjunction with your Physics lessons. I think you said you were reworking some of their experiments. Is this meant to be a companion to your curriculum?

Answer:  How Does a Homeschool Student Get a Diploma?

We cover all the sciences, which ones did you focus on? Chemistry? Physics? Biology? Earth Science? Those are the four major ones for high school.

Question: from frauritsema about the How Does a Homeschool Student Get a Diploma? experiment :

What form of science do you list Supercharged Science is on a high school Transcript? I thought about just physics, but we have covered so much more? Any guidance?

Answer:  Science Teleclass: Light & Lasers & Holograms

Hi Aaron - were you doing the experiment with the pencil in the water? You can move around the glass to find where the pencil looks broken and when it doesn't. Were you able to do that part?

Question: from bac051201 about the Science Teleclass: Light & Lasers & Holograms experiment :

when I held the pencil straight up nothing happened why is this ----Aaron

Question: from robertdangelo about the Worms! experiment :

Thanks a bunch, Aurora. I'm actually doing a research report on the blue ringed octopus. You are a very good teacher and pretty easy to understand, so I thought that I would get the most info out of a possible octopus presentation that you did. Again thank you so much for your suggestion. ~ Andie D'

Answer:  Worms!

I actually don't but it certainly is something that is interesting, isnt' it? Here's further info on it for you: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue-ringed_octopus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeNTJhhsF9s https://oceanconservancy.org/blog/2017/03/13/the-blue-ringed-octopus-small-but-deadly/ I'm going to add this to the slide I show for Marine Biology when we talk about the most deadly fish in the sea!

Question: from robertdangelo about the Worms! experiment :

Thanks Aurora! By the way, even though this isn't related to worms, I was wondering if you have any videos on the blue ringed octopus. Thanks, Andie

Question: from lynn_mcaleece about the Answers to Respiratory & Excretory Systems Exercises experiment :

#15 is incorrect. Kidneys filter BLOOD and MAKE urine; they don't filter urine. https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/kidney-disease/kidneys-how-they-work

Answer:  Newton's First Law of Motion

You're right - that is totally confusing! The "quarter mile" was additional information, not the answer! So sorry about that - I'll get that fixed. The answer is a lighter vehicle will will a short distance race, all other things being equal, because it has more resistance to getting moving.

Answer:  Worms!

That's a great question. There are 6 main kinds of soil: clay, peaty, silty, sandy, loam, and chalky. Clay and sandy are at opposite ends, the rest in the middle, and loam is the perfect type for plants. Clay is made of really small particles that compact really tightly together when it's dry, which means that it holds tightly onto its nutrients like calcium, potassium and magnesium but the texture isn't right to grow plants since it's hard for the roots to grow and slow to warm up in the springtime. You can tell if you have a lot of clay in your soil if you take a handful of damp soil, squish it in your hands for a moment and then open your hands. If the soil is still a ball and doesn't crumble, you have clay heavy soil. Worms will help your soil, but you have to attract them by first working your way through the spoil, breaking it up and mixing in compost (anything will work, and you cannot add too much!) and then also add gypsum to help push the clay particles apart. The worms will burrow through the clay to help aerate it and leave their castings behind, which will also help your soil. Hope this helps!

Question: from robertdangelo about the Worms! experiment :

Hi Aurora, it's Andie. The soil in my yard consists of mostly clay, and it's worms adapted to that environment. Will my worm column still work using the native worms and soil? Thanks, Andie D'

Question: from lynn_mcaleece about the Answers to Cardiovascular System Exercises experiment :

I think #14 is incorrect. ALL veins carry oxygen-poor blood back to the heart. The pulmonary ARTERY (not vein as you've indicated) is the only ARTERY that carries oxygen-poor blood. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/articles/17059-how-does-blood-flow-through-your-body

Question: from mad_tea_party about the Newton's First Law of Motion experiment :

Is the Answer page correct for Q. #3? It says, "like a quarter-mile," rather giving which one, either the lighter or the heavier.

Answer:  Introduction to Kinematics

You're right - the first two pages from this download are missing. I've re-uploaded it, so please check again. I notice there's not a lot of room between questions like there is for the rest of the HW sets, so I'll fix that soon, but I wanted to get this to you right away so you have it. There's a blank set without solutions first, and then the solutions are at the end. Does that help?

Answer:  Flashlight Laser Tag

I will make sure my team gets back to you right away!

Answer:  Underwater R.O.V. Project

I know - it's so sad! Here's a list of all the Radio Shack components we have listed on our website along with where you can find them now: https://www.sciencelearningspace.com/2016/08/radio-shack-component-replacements/

Question: from lgargiulo about the Gravity Go-Karts experiment :

suddenly physics is not cooperating, we've been doing physics for several months and now I suddenly am seeing that I don't have access.

Question: from nrobarge about the Introduction to Kinematics experiment :

Can you post a copy of the kinematics problem set without solutions? I am only seeing it with solutions, and it would be nice to have a blank copy to try on our own first. I did check, and the next chapter has it blank at the front and then has solutions at the end. Thanks!

Question: from karenhilligoss about the Flashlight Laser Tag experiment :

I am enrolled in the 9-12 grade but it says that I am only in the k-8 program. Help!

Question: from lambersc about the Underwater R.O.V. Project experiment :

Where can I get the 12VDC motors the radio shack one that you mentioned is sold out :I

Question: from lynn_mcaleece about the What Happens to Food after You Put it in Your Mouth? experiment :

Please fixate typos in this section. There were a number of them again, which make the content more complicated than it needs to be.

Question: from catherine_pruitt about the Magnetic Tornadoes experiment :


Question: from catherine_pruitt about the Cosmic Ray Detector experiment :

Ok thanks

Answer:  Mechanical and Electromagnetic Waves

The idea with the example is that the device sticking out under the ship to detect the ship is completely surrounded by water. It's a really simple example for sound wave detection.

Answer:  Flashing Circuit

That's a great idea!

Answer:  Flying Paper Clip

You can find stronger magnets sometimes in unusual places, like latches and doors that pull themselves shut, in motors of toys, and other places. The ones in the video were about $2 from the store.

Answer:  Cosmic Ray Detector

Which part are you having trouble with? I can take a video and show it working - not sure why I didn't do that in the video! Sorry about that. You'll have the best luck with static electricity experiments on days that are warm and dry. If it's raining outside, it's not going to work (the water moisture in the air discharges any static build-up). The only other thing that can go wrong is that the mental rod you use is wrapped in insulation or the foil leaves are crimped together and not able to fly apart. Feel free to show me your setup ([email protected]) so I can see what's going on with your experiment so I can help!

Answer:  Eggshell Crystals

Yes you can use epsom salts, sugar, or table salt. You'll be making different types of crystals, but they all look about the same.

Answer:  Shopping List for Unit 7

Restaurant supply stores and some grocery stores also may sell it as well!

Answer:  Special Science Teleclass: Magnetism

Aww - thank you so much!

Answer:  Reading about Food and Digestive Systems

Thanks for letting us know - I am surprised there are so many as we had a professional editing company proof our material before publishing. Thank you for letting us know, and I did get the previous message and had it re-done as requested. I do apologize for the errors - I know how distracting it can be when language is not correct.

Question: from lynn_mcaleece about the Reading about Food and Digestive Systems experiment :

Please fix the many typographical errors on this page. I've submitted separate suggests via "Contact Us," suggesting that I notify you when I see typos, but I don't have time to point out the many on every page, nor should I have to do so when I am paying for this subscription. I would expect that you would have staff to do that job. That there are so many typos reduces the credibility of the information you are trying to present. It's very distracting.

Question: from apbaine about the Flying Paper Clip experiment :

My magnets were not strong enough. The paper clip did not as do in video.

Question: from catherine_pruitt about the Cosmic Ray Detector experiment :

We can't do it can you show it in a video next time?

Question: from nabreo about the Eggshell Crystals experiment :

Is there a substitute for the Alum? -Nicole

Question: from jellybeen64 about the Shopping List for Unit 7 experiment :

Welding supply stores sell dry ice.

Question: from ebrice about the Flashing Circuit experiment :

Hi. We were having a hard time keeping the transistors straight, so I put white nail polish on the tops of the NPN and pink on the top of the PNP.

Question: from bac051201 about the Mechanical and Electromagnetic Waves experiment :

Dear mrs. Aurora, Wouldn't the sound be able to pass through the freshly released oxygen from the ship??

Question: from apbaine about the Special Science Teleclass: Magnetism experiment :

I have the strongest magnet in my house.For this experiment,i'm going to use it for the experiment. Love your classes-apbaine

Question: from o_Asterix about the Ray-Finned Fishes, Lobe-Finned Fishes, and Sharks! experiment :

that is one cool pufferfish!

Question: from o_Asterix about the Amazing Octopi experiment :


Question: from lorannakitchen about the Balloon Gymnastics experiment :

wow! ()_()

Question: from lorannakitchen about the Measuring Power experiment :


Answer:  Introduction to Creating a Homemade Weather Station

Hmm, that does not sound right. It's a K-8 level experiment. I'll have my team take a look and correct any issues. Thanks for letting me know!

Answer:  Catapults

I think so - which part are you using it for?

Answer:  Bacteria Micromotor

Oh no! That's not right. We actually have a professional editing team that proofs everything for us. I'll have them take a look.

Question: from melissa_bachmann about the Bacteria Micromotor experiment :

There are several typos on this page "Since bacteria are made of only one cell, they are very cell." as one example. I recommend proof-reading this page.

Question: from lorannakitchen about the Catapults experiment :

would a chopstick work instead of a dowel?

Question: from lorannakitchen about the Bobsleds experiment :


Question: from apbaine about the Catapults experiment :

You like breaking expensive stuff. lol XD

Question: from debbie_banks about the Introduction to Creating a Homemade Weather Station experiment :

I found the making a homemade weather station under the grade 3 Earth Science section, however, there is a note saying that it is for high school students. Is this correct?

Question: from apbaine about the Pendulums experiment :

It is like the frequency experiment.I will probably like this experiment. Signed-Apbaine

Question: from lorannakitchen about the Roller Coasters experiment :

this was fun!!!!! :) :) :)

Question: from Crabbyjean333 about the Classifying Objects experiment :

This was so much fun! We classified our buttons right down to the "species"! I definitely think it's a good beginning activity before introducing classifications because it gives the kids a hands on understanding of the concept.

Answer:  Monocots and Dicots

Sure! What did you want to know specifically?

Answer:  Soaking Up Rays

IF you have a strong light, like a car headlight that can work. Get your parents to help you as you position your experiment in front of the light and they can turn on (just the lights, not the car).

Question: from o_Asterix about the Monocots and Dicots experiment :

Are you going to add something about conifers?

Question: from o_Asterix about the Giant Veggies! experiment :


Question: from o_Asterix about the Yeast, Mold, and More! experiment :


Question: from bac051201 about the Telling Time by the Stars experiment :

Cool! It's like your an how hunters used to tell time while they were out hunting!

Question: from apbaine about the Soaking Up Rays experiment :

Hi, Is there any alternative for sun light. Where I live it's very gray and we barley get any sunlight during winter because it's so rainy. Thanks- Sophia

Answer:  Acid Test

Can you take a video or send me an image? [email protected]

Answer:  Making Copper

You can use paper towels to catch the solid bits then throw them in the trash. The steel wool is just for additional clean up. You're making such a small amount that it's ok to discard.

Answer:  Plasma Grape

It takes a little patience to find that "sweet spot" in your microwave that will make this experiment work. You'll want to try changing the height as well as you hunt around for the right spot. Cherry tomatoes work well also - make sure there's a little skin still connecting the two halves!

Answer:  Hydraulic Pneumatic Earth Mover

Send it to me at [email protected] and I'll get it posted for you! (I am sur eyou can understand that we don't want folks just posting any pictures they want without having someone make sure it's ok first, due to the nature of our audience.)

Question: from cdylanrun about the Making Copper experiment :

What if we do not have steel wool? Can we use anything else?

Question: from maryannpalko about the Plasma Grape experiment :

I the experiment several times and it didn't work. No speak, no flame. I also tried a longer time, up to a minute.

Question: from o_Asterix about the Acid Test experiment :

Hi i tested a rock, but it somehow started to give out a color stain when i dried it i tried other liquids, but only vinigar made it stain

Question: from smrogers about the Hydraulic Pneumatic Earth Mover experiment :

How do you post a picture?

Question: from Aurora Lipper about the Cool Milk Trick experiment :

Dairy works best for this experiment :)

Question: from stillerholman about the Cool Milk Trick experiment :

can you use non-dairy milk?

Question: from bac051201 about the Special Science Teleclass: Black Holes experiment :

I used a basketball and a football

Question: from marie_cortez about the Can a Battery Be Used to Store Energy? experiment :

Hi there. I am asking my son to document his experiments by listing the usual: - Question - Hypothesis - Materials - Procedure - Results - Conclusion Can you tell me how this experiment answers the question - Can a battery be used to store energy?

Question: from ksls185 about the Conversion Charts experiment :

Do you have a conversion chart for Elemental Science biology for the Grammar stage? TOC: http://d3r1z7wkgqhj9d.cloudfront.net/BGS%20sample.pdf Thanks!

Question: from robertdangelo about the Terraqua Column: How does water affect land and animals? experiment :

Hi Aurora, it's Andie. I have built three terraqua columns -- salt water, control and a calcium chloride one. I learned that calcium chloride is extremely dangerous for plants. When I told my father how much calcium chloride I put in the water, he told me it was too much (he double checked this with math). However, even though the plant inside the terraqua column should be dying, it is actually growing!! Also, a different weed and grass are both growing in the calcium chloride column. Please explain this. Thanks, Andie

Question: from kathmacgall about the Recent Astronomical Events experiment :

Wow! But how did they get the close up of the comet fragments when they were flying by in the beginning of the video? and why is Jupiter spinning so slowly while the comet fragment are going really fast?

Question: from bac051201 about the Quantum Mechanics: Double Slit Experiment experiment :

what would happen if there were 3 or 4 slits what if there were an immense amount how would it change

Question: from Aurora Lipper about the Terraqua Column: How does water affect land and animals? experiment :

Hi Andie! Anything that's dissolved in the water should be wicked up along with it. Give it a test run and see what happens :)

Question: from robertdangelo about the Terraqua Column: How does water affect land and animals? experiment :

Hi Aurora, it's Andie! I crafted two terraqua columns; the water in one of them being salt water. I have a question though -- will salt water travel up a wick AS salt water, or will the salt be left behind and only water goes through? Thanks, Andie