Here are all the topics covered by the e-Science program. Some topics take only a couple of weeks to complete, while others can take several months. Remember, your own goals for your child’s science learning combined with your schooling philosophy will determine what is right for you. In any case, there are hundreds and hundreds of activities, experiments and projects, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding good stuff to work on and learn from!

Each month you will be given access to an additional 1-2 units (60-80 experiments). This page will let you navigate to all the units you have access to. If you have any questions about what units you have access to, please contact us. See a unit or two you’d like to do but don’t yet have access to? Just drop us a note and we’ll arrange special access to it for you. You’re the reason we’re here and I really want you to really get all you can out of e-Science.

Earth Science