Feedback from Kids

Want to see what kids learn and build with the e-Science Program?

From a parent: “Just a quick note to let you know that our 9 year old Hannah got 100 % correct on all her IOWA test science sections!!!  Her math and punctuation took a bit of a hit this year…. now I know why (she was obsessed with your science).  She has always done well but your science hit alot of the spots she had gaps in and she filled them all in and more. THANK YOU!!!” ~Jill and Hannah Click here to read more feedback!

Evan build an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) complete with remote control!

Joely ripped off the motors and controller from an old R/C car and build a remove controlled underwater robot!

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Roller Coaster

Electricity Switch

Hydraulic Earth Mover

Rocks we can eat!

Trip Wire Burglar Alarm

Hovercraft Spaceship

Tetrahedral Kites

Solar Cooking

Putt Putt Steam Boats

Pressure Sensor Burglar Alarm

Wired Remote-Control Car

Ta-Daa! Inertial Magic Trick

“We’re not farmers. We’re scientists…”

“It’s best to make colored rockets in the snow…”

Dancing Robots and Burning Leaves

Robotic Cookie Snatcher

Robotic Cookie Snatcher

Roller Coaster Kids

Totally speechless rocketry

Totally speechless rocketry

More photos of kid’s projects!

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