Keeping a Scientific Journal

Doing science is exciting, fun, and full of big ideas! Why bother with writing when you could be mixing up chemicals, blasting rockets, or shattering laser beams?

Because all your “great ideas” are worth nothing if you can’t tell others about what you’re doing. Scientists write in journals to let others know the latest news with their experiments, announce their new discoveries, or to simply keep track of their progress.

Keeping a science journal doesn’t have to be flashy or fancy, just accurate. Science is already hard enough without the added chaos of not knowing what you did yesterday. I’m going to show you the three easy steps to keeping a journal.

You don’t have to write a novel – just keep track of what you’re doing along with any questions that come up. It’s a lot easier to do a couple pages a day for a month rather than trying to pound out a hundred pages in a day! This is something you’re going to use throughout the program doing just a little bit at a time, At the end of the month or year, you’ll be surprised to see how much science you’ve covered!
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