BRAND NEW Supercharged Science Website for e-Science!!!

Check out our new website for e-Science!  If you’re a current member of e-Science, then you also have access to our new site. We haven’t announced it yet, we’re hoping you can test it out and give us feedback before we let everyone know about it.

It’s got the same content as this site you’re on now, it’s just better organized and we’re trying out a new video player.

Click here to access the new site:


2 Responses to “BRAND NEW Supercharged Science Website for e-Science!!!”
  1. Aurora says:

    Oh no! Can you send me a personal email ([email protected]) with the url you’re on and a screenshot so we can work out the bugs?

  2. mottfamily8 says:

    I can’t get into the lessons on the new website. It tells me I have to log in and then takes me to a page that says”this page does not exist”. Are the experiements and lessons the same on the old website and the new one?

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