Assigning Credits to Courses Done By Homeschool Student

Transcripts for the homeschool student can seem like a huge undertaking for the new homeschooling parent. It seems like a simple fault years ago could cause your homeschool student’s chances of college to fade away. Actually, it’s a big deal, but it’s also super easy if you know what you need to do.

Start With The State Requirements

There is usually a state regulated guideline about the courses that each homeschool student needs to take in every grade from k-12. Make sure that you are aware of these required courses and that you are covering them in your homeschool classroom. This will make your job much easier, not just for making transcripts that are acceptable, but also in narrowing down what you should be teaching in the classroom.

Figure Out What You Covered

This is a step that can take a while if you try to do it at the end of the academic year. Instead as you go along each month, keep track of what all you taught each homeschool student and assign it to one of the recommended courses. You can tally it all up at the end of the year to get a more comprehensive picture.

Have a Grade Scale

Setting grades for each paper, assignment and test that your child took during the school year will help calculate the average grade that they receive at the end of the year for each course. This will make it much easier to calculate the GPA. You can look up other transcripts to see what grade scale works best for you. A simple glance at a regular report card can help with this task.

Assigning Credits Per Course

Once you know how much material was covered in a particular course you can go about assigning credits to each one.  Something that needed very little time and effort could go for a single credit while other courses that took longer could get 2 or 3 credits assigned to them. Now it’s simply a matter of figuring out the grade points per course so that you can calculate the GPA to display on the transcript.

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