Tools to Teach Toddlers in Homeschool

Homeschooling pre-school kids can be more play than work. The bonding is stronger and the child can grow up curious about learning more from the parent when they transition into the formal role as a homeschool teacher. While we may not need to invest much when it comes to play learning with toddlers, it’s a good idea to have these tools around to use.


Reading out loud has many benefits that have been cataloged and studied over the years. If you read to your pre-school kids they will have better vocabularies, be able to focus attention for longer and learn to think about situations and people much faster. The reading and writing skills of such children also develop faster when they are in the homeschool classroom. Have a few books that you can read out to them and make it a part of your daily routine. It doesn’t have to cost a lot, get a library membership to keep up the new book supply.


A set of this simple but ingenious toy can keep your toddlers engaged for hours with the help of a little creativity. Using abstract blocks can help them design and invent their own world using their imagination. A trait that must be encouraged and nurtured. A healthy imagination allows your pre-school kids to think outside the box and come up with unusual solutions to daily issues.Plus it’s always fun to build and knock down the towers.


Everyone enjoys a bit of a puzzle to exercise the brain. Jigsaws are a hot favorite with children. A word of caution, do make sure that the jigsaw puzzle that you are sharing with your toddlers is age appropriate. The skill level of the pre-school kids is not inclined to match to a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle. When it’s much too tough to do, the children will lose interest. Keep it to the simple versions and only increase the difficulty level once they master the basics.

Sensory Boxes

Soap bubbles, sand boxes, silk scarf, just about anything can be put into a sensory box. Have a set of boxes that can be pulled out and used to explore for the toddlers. Most of them love to put their hands into boxes filed with beans or rice. Allow them to make their own clay with white flour and water. Ice cubes can provide endless hours of entertainment. Have them add color to the water before freezing the cubes and use them to paint pictures.

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