Raising Eco Friendly Homeschool Students

We live on a beautiful planet that has been blessed with rolling green plains, snow capped mountains, rustling brown desserts and the beautiful blue oceans. If you look at all that the planet has to offer, it makes you happy just looking at the images from around the world of the sheer physical beauty. The Earth has seen many drastic changes that have altered it’s climate over the eons. It has always managed to adapt to the challenges thrown it’s way, so far.

The environment is facing it’s biggest challenge yet – humankind! As we evolve, we gain more knowledge of books, but we choose to remain ignorant about what we are doing to nature all around us. If Earth is to survive our generation, we need to ensure that the future generation does not repeat the mistakes that we have made. We begin to do that by raising children who are more eco-friendly.

Establishing Eco-Friendly Habits

Simple habits can make a drastic change in the ecology. By teaching our homeschool students to be responsible users of resources, we ensure that we need to use less of the already sparse resources. Teach them to conserve water by switching off the tap while brushing their teeth, to have a shower instead of a bath. Teach them to conserve electricity by switching off the lights when they are not in the room. You will have the added benefit of lowering your utility bills even as you teach your children to be better citizens of Planet Earth.

Volunteer at Ecological Drives

There simply are not enough people who care of the planet, as compared to those who are indifferent or not bothered. When it comes to cleaning up a park, or standing guard for turtles to cross the road, organizations are always looking for more hands on deck. Get in touch with the local ones that are doing ecological drives and volunteer your homeschool family for them. The hard work combined with the feel good factor will ensure that it’s a great lesson for your homeschool students to learn. It also gives them a sense of giving back to the community.

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