Books as a Gateway for Homeschool Students

Have you ever set out to explore a new place? An old building or fort? Perhaps a garden or park? There’s a sense of adventure as you set forth to conquer a new domain. Books can serve as just such a gateway to new domains for your homeschool students. If you are blessed with children who love to read, do all that you can to feed their habit.

Inexpensive Ways to Access More Books

The Library Subscription

Joining a library is the obvious choice. The monthly subscription to a well stocked library can be just the thing for your bookworm homeschool student. However, if your little bookworm has a tendency to run through books like termites run through wood, you may have to find another library soon. This could be a problem logistically speaking if you live too far away from the library. Also physical books can be damaged and fines may have to be paid.

The Kindle App

One way to ensure that your homeschool student will always have books to read is to get them a Kindle and add a Kindle Unlimited subscription to it. This way your child has access to literally millions of books, in all genres at the most affordable rates possible. Get a yearly subscription and you can use the books to supplement your own educational resources as well. Since you are allowed to borrow ten books at a time, you can distribute the rights to the ten books equally among the homeschool students. Do remember to reserve two for yourself as the homeschool teacher!

The Homeschool Book Swap

Another way to ensure a steady supply of books for your homeschool students is to sign up for a homeschool book swap program. You can give away five books a week and receive five new ones in their place. This works out well if you have another homeschool family with children whose ages are similar to your own homeschool students. A number of families also add on a toy swap to this chapter. A good way to have a fresh new supply of toys for toddlers who tire of the same old ones.

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