Test Driving Homeschooling in the Summer Break

A number of parents wonder about homeschooling. They want to start, but since their children are already in regular schools, they are not sure how to figure out the transition. They are often also worried about being able to handle the demands of homeschooling. Here’s a simple manner in which these families can test drive the concept of homeschooling without making any major changes.

Speak to the Students

If your children are old enough to go to school, you can discuss the concept of homeschooling with them. Get their reaction to the idea of studying at home. If they are enthusiastic about it, speak of all the ways it will affect them and the changes that they will face. Ask them to get on board with trying out homeschooling during the summer break from school. Should they agree, go ahead and set up a fixed time trial to see if the homeschooling concept works for your family.

Set up the School Room

Having a dedicated space to sit down and study will be important for your homeschool students. Since they are used to regular school, they will do better with a more structured environment and schedule. Tell them to pick seats, cupboard shelves and study areas for themselves in the homeschool classroom that you set up. This will help them ease into the homeschooling trial. It will also give them a sense of control when they begin homeschooling.

Keep Some Time for Summer Fun

The children may resent having to give up their summer break completely. So make sure that you include fun activities like you would have during a regular summer holiday as well. These could include a camping trip or a visit to the grandparents, especially if they stay out of town. Other activities could include summer sports, hobby classes, and volunteering at the zoo or a museum. These activities should be designed to have fun, not to teach the children anything.

At the end of the summer of homeschooling, get the feedback from the children before you make your final decision. The entire family will have a much clearer picture about what they prefer after the trial run.

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