Practical Tips for Attending a Homeschool Convention

It’s Okay If You Can’t Do Everything

The first time you attend a homeschool convention, you may feel that you should go to every single event in the schedule. It’s simply not possible. There will be some happening at the same time. You will have other mingling to do. So it’s perfectly fine to give yourself permission to not do everything. Don’t feel guilty when you planned to do ten things in the day and barely managed to get six done.

Bring Cash, Cards and Cheques

These conventions are a great place to invest in study material and resources for your homeschool classroom. Don’t get surprised if some of the vendors are unable to process a credit card. Many of them are homeschool parents themselves and will be happier receiving cash for your purchases. The bigger brands will have swipe machines available. So keep your payment options open.

Carry a Rolling Suitcase

There will be a number of heavy purchases made. You do not want your shoulders to be weighed down with a bag or backpack. Get a small, empty, rolling suitcase along with you to the convention hall. It can hold all your material with ease and you can have your hands free most of the time as you can simply leave it at your feet and go through the books in front of you.

Visit the “Used” Sales

There is usually a section out back where the “used” and second hand material is available. Some of it may be in remarkably good shape. Make sure that you go through the stuff here, specially if there are already specific resources that you are looking for. At times simply browsing through the stuff on sale can uncover a couple of gems that you would not of thought of.

Go in a Group With Friends

It’s always better to travel in a group. You can scout out more when there’s a good number of people together. Plus it’s a fun experience to share with your friends. If you have kids with you, the other adults can also help keep an eye on them at the times that you are busy with a workshop or some other activity.

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