Keeping Homeschool Students Physically Active When You Don’t Have the Energy to Keep Up

No matter how fit a homeschool parent is, at one stage they will not be able to keep up with the physical energy of their homeschool students. So how do you find outlets for all that energy without having to push your own self physically to do activities with them. Here’s a list of suggestions.

Family Gym Membership

Getting a family gym membership is a good idea when you want to combine a light workout for the homeschool parent with a more intensive one for the homeschool students. Most gyms offer classes on aerobics, zumba or kick boxing, which could work as an additional exercise session for the homeschool students, while the parent catches their breath.

Yoga Classes

For those blessed with active children, a yoga class can prove to be a boon. Yoga helps balance the mind and body energies. Not only will the children find the yoga asanas challenging, they will automatically develop a serious control over their mind. Yoga is a low intensity workout which can still be quite tiring physically speaking. A good option for your homeschool students.


Those interested in a more traditional set of exercises, may like to place their homeschool students in a formal athletics training class. Running could be a simple exercise that doesn’t need a formal class. Other sports that the child may be interested in could also be given a shot. Try the local YMCA or community sports center to get free coaching if the budget is rather tight and doesn’t allow for extra classes.

Rock Climbing

This is a relatively new fad, but can be a good full body exercise. There are rock climbing centers where the homeschool students can learn the basics of safety and technique involved in rock climbing. The homeschool parent does not need to be physically active in this class as the instructors are trained to overlook the safety of the students participating.

Martial Arts Classes

Karate, tae kwon do, judo, or any other martial arts classes are a good way to keep active kids engaged. They are physically demanding and ensure that the homeschool students get a good workout. You can find the local instructors who offer these classes online or through word of mouth from other parents whose children are attending such classes.

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