Is it Possible to Homeschool While Working Away From Home?

Many homeschooling families have to get creative about how to make up for the loss of a second income because one of the parents chooses to stay at home and homeschool the children. Most of them come up with ideas to work from home along with handling their homeschooling responsibilities. This is easier with the many opportunities that are present with working online. However would it be possible for the homeschooling parents to both work away from the home and still do justice to homeschooling the children? Here are some ways that could make it work.

Work Different Shifts

By working around each other’s shifts it is possible for one parent to always be present at home. This parent then becomes the defacto homeschool teacher for the school day. In this way the children can be taught by both parents. Mom can handle the subjects she is comfortable with and Dad can do the ones he likes. Both are equally invested in the schooling of their children. This is easier to do when the children are somewhat older. Toddlers may still need the mother more than the father.

Get Extra Help

If both the parents are working away from the house, it would be a good idea to get more help with the children. A relative who is free to help out would be best, but it’s easy enough to hire someone responsible to be with the children while they are at work. This person could be given the homeschool schedule and made to supervise the homeschool student’s work while the parents are not there.

Independent Studies and Extra Classes

Another way to help the schedule is to have the homeschool children work on independent studies while the parents are physically unavailable. That way they are guided to continue learning even when the homeschool teachers are not present. Also extra classes for music, sports and other activities can be scheduled at the time the parents are at work. This ensures that the children are gainfully employed and learning something new, at the time that the parents are unavailable for supervision and teaching.

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