Homeschooling Through The Winter

The winter months can be chaotic for homeschooling families. Not only is the weather chilling the bones, the holidays mess up all the daily routines that worked so well through the rest of the year. Here are some activities that may help the homeschooling parent make some progress with the learning of the homeschool students.

Build a Snowman

Physical activity is what gets relegated to the back burner for most children during the cold months of winter. Don’t be afraid of the homeschooling students falling sick. Instead bundle them up nicely, ensure heads and hands are protected, and let them loose in the backyard to build a snowman. Doesn’t snow where you live? No problem. Just add an outdoor trek in the local town park instead. Make sure that they get to burn some calories. They will look alive. Make sure to save these memories of rosy cheeks by taking plenty of photographs.

Bake Cookies

Not only do winters cry for some home baked cookies, they are also a great way to set up an impromptu lesson for your homeschooled kids. Let them convert a recipe into making twice as many cookies, doubling all values. Make them do the measurements with the cups and the spoons. If possible get a recipe in metric values and get them to convert it to pounds and ounces. Teach them about how the oven heats up and bakes the cookies. Heat transference can be a great physics lesson in the kitchen. Talk about the chemical reaction that cooks the raw dough into yummy cookies. There’s so much to teach in the kitchen.

Make Decorations

With the holiday season upon us, it’s easy to come up with a ton of arts and crafts projects to make decorations. You can do up the homeschool classroom first with indoor decorations. Then move on to more challenging projects for decorating outside the house. Lawn figurine sculptures, painted rocks, bottle art and a whole lot more can be given a seasonal holiday twist. If you have trouble coming up with ideas for projects just browse the internet. There are a lot of do-it-yourself projects with step by step directions easily available.

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