What do you think? I need your input!

HELP!! I need your opinion!! I am re-designing the website and the way the content is being displayed on it to make it easier and more engaging for our users, and I want to know about what’s great about the program, and how it can be even better. Please write in the comment box below and answer these two questions for me… I really appreciate it!

1. What’s great about the program? What do you enjoy the most?
2. How can it be even better? What would you add, change, and/or improve?
3. How do you primarily use the program?¬†For example: As a primary curriculum twice a week going through each lesson in order; as a supplement only on the weekends and just randomly choose experiments… how do you use it so I know best how to make it so it will serve this purpose?

BONUS Question: What new content would you like to see published? What new classes and content would you like to see released in the future?

Thanks so much!


4 Responses to “What do you think? I need your input!”
  1. robertdangelo says:

    We homeschool . . .

    “What’s great”?? . . . Your unbridled and contagious enthusiasm for science. Distilling complex subjects down to simple easy-to-understand explanations and analogies with illustrating experiments.

    “Be even better”?? . . . Not sure. Your program is pretty good already.

    “How do we use” ?? . . . We have two dedicated science days a week. We skip around subjects a bit based on interest opportunities that just kind of come up as a result of going through life and observing. My daughter “Andie” (she writes you a lot) is now eleven years old and is doing middle/high school level work. She has a profound interest in science, therefore I do not need to get her attention. We prefer the meatier, less showy/less playful experiments.

    We continually miss your special “live” presentations, which always seem to fall on Wednesdays at noon Pacific time. We are never available that day, due to other obligations. Thursday and Friday are our “science days”. How about replays??

    My sincerest thanks and warmest regards — Bobby D’

  2. Robert Short says:

    Add more robotics lessons!

  3. Reena Willamson says:

    1. I enjoy the videos, especially the experiment ones.
    2. Could you put more chemistry videos? I love the experiments.
    3. I use it once or twice a week, and I watch the videos randomly.
    4. Robotics!

  4. Kim says:

    1. I love how many videos you have. Never get bored.
    2. Maybe more worksheets that I can print out? Also would like to see you interact personally with kids – I think you were going to start doing this?
    3. We use it three times a week, mostly in order but sometimes we get side tracked into another area of science.
    4. Cell biology!

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