What do you think? I need your input!

HELP!! I need your opinion!! I am re-designing the website and the way the content is being displayed on it to make it easier and more engaging for our users, and I want to know about what’s great about the program, and how it can be even better. Please write in the comment box below and answer these two questions for me… I really appreciate it!

1. What’s great about the program? What do you enjoy the most?
2. How can it be even better? What would you add, change, and/or improve?
3. How do you primarily use the program?¬†For example: As a primary curriculum twice a week going through each lesson in order; as a supplement only on the weekends and just randomly choose experiments… how do you use it so I know best how to make it so it will serve this purpose?

BONUS Question: What new content would you like to see published? What new classes and content would you like to see released in the future?

Thanks so much!


3 Responses to “What do you think? I need your input!”
  1. Robert Short says:

    Add more robotics lessons!

  2. Reena Willamson says:

    1. I enjoy the videos, especially the experiment ones.
    2. Could you put more chemistry videos? I love the experiments.
    3. I use it once or twice a week, and I watch the videos randomly.
    4. Robotics!

  3. Kim says:

    1. I love how many videos you have. Never get bored.
    2. Maybe more worksheets that I can print out? Also would like to see you interact personally with kids – I think you were going to start doing this?
    3. We use it three times a week, mostly in order but sometimes we get side tracked into another area of science.
    4. Cell biology!

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