Periodic Table

Elements are arranged so that the ones with similar chemical and physical properties are stacked in vertical groups, and there are 8 groups (see the numbers at the top?) with either an A or B after the number? I know they’re written in Roman… just remember that IV means four, and VI means six. Sometimes you’ll see them numbered 1-18 starting with hydrogen on the left.

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The rows are called periods. Now point to the metals… what colors are those? There are lots of them!

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4 Responses to “Periodic Table”
  1. Aurora says:

    Here’s one that you can use:

    And here is an interactive one:

  2. joannmiller00 says:

    Is there periodic table that I can print out that match the colors chart you used in this lesson?

  3. Julie Daw says:

    Where should I look for the video mentioned at the end of this wonderful lesson about the periodic table? I think the video is about the first column of metals interacting with water.

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