Science Teleclass: Light & Lasers & Holograms

This is a recording of a recent live teleclass I did with thousands of kids from all over the world. I’ve included it here so you can participate and learn, too!

This class is all about Light Waves, Lasers and Holograms! This is a newly updated version of the older Light Waves and Lasers teleclass here.

We’re going to learn about the wild world of light that has baffled scientists for over a century. You’ll be twisting and bending light as we learn about refraction, reflection, absorption, and transmission using lenses, lasers, mirrors, and optical filters with everyday stuff like gummy bears, paperclips, pencils and water!

We’re going to learn how to build a projection hologram out of piece of old plastic, make a laser microscope so you can see tiny little microscopic creatures, bend laser light to follow any path you want without using mirrors, and finally understand how glow in the dark toys really work on the subatomic level. Are you ready?


  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Clothespin
  • Paperclip
  • Rubber band
  • Gummy bears
  • Red laser
  • Flashlight
  • Old CD
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • Glass of water
  • Clear Plastic Film
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10 Responses to “Science Teleclass: Light & Lasers & Holograms”
  1. Aurora says:

    Hi Aaron – were you doing the experiment with the pencil in the water? You can move around the glass to find where the pencil looks broken and when it doesn’t. Were you able to do that part?

  2. bac051201 says:

    when I held the pencil straight up nothing happened why is this


  3. Aurora says:

    It will be close! There is a template for what you need on the worksheet page here:

    It doesn’t have to be exactly the same size. A little smaller is ok.

  4. mbright14 says:

    How large does the clear plastic film need to be? I have a pasta box with a plastic film circle that is about 2 inches in diameter. Will this work? Or do I need to find something bigger?

  5. Aurora says:

    Oh no! I’ll have my team get in touch with you.

  6. Marla Ramsum says:

    I just opened up the physics of light and lasers and my key chain laser isnt working

  7. Aurora says:

    I am not sure I understand your question.. what do you want to protect? Or did you mean “project”?

    If you mean “project”, like projecting an image on the wall, it sounds like you are having trouble seeing the reflected image. Here are a couple of tips that may help:

    1. make sure your room is dark, so the only light is coming from your phone
    2. use images that have four sides (that’s the kind of projector we are making)
    3. move your head around until you can see the reflection – it may be lower or higher than you think

    Did that help? If not, re-watch the experiment part of the video again, or bring your expt to our live call next time so I can take a look, or if you can’t wait that long, have someone snap a couple of pictures or video of you doing your experiment so I can take a peek and make suggestions.

  8. Noelle Simpson says:

    how does it protect my protector isn’t working

  9. Aurora says:

    Its in the worksheet download right under the video!

  10. Belle Brunner says:

    Can you provide the template for the plastic cut out to do the jelly fish (on cell phone) experiment? and also what is the site for the jelly fish? Thank you. Belle Brunner

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