Gravity Go-Karts

Nothing says summer time fun than a home-built go-kart that can race down the driveway with just as much thrill as two story roller coasters.

A go-karts (also called “go-cart”) can be gravity powered (without a motor) or include electric or gas powered motors. The gravity powered kind are also known as Soap Box Derby racers, and are the simplest kind to make since all you need is wheels, a frame, and a good hill (and a helmet!).

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3 Responses to “Gravity Go-Karts”
  1. lgargiulo says:

    suddenly physics is not cooperating, we’ve been doing physics for several months and now I suddenly am seeing that I don’t have access.

  2. Aurora says:

    I am actually starting to design an entire course on automotive engineering, and that would be a perfect project to put in there!

  3. Patricia De Lazzari says:

    Can you show us a way to put a motor onto this project. We think it would be very fun.

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