Newton’s First Law of Motion

First Law of Motion: Objects in motion tend to stay in motion unless acted upon by an external force. Force is a push or a pull, like pulling a wagon or pushing a car. Gravity is a force that attracts things to one another. Gravity accelerates all things equally. Which means all things speed up the same amount as they fall.

Materials: ball
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    Yes, all of the sections in the High School physics section have these for you to download. Enjoy!

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    I really like the workbook and want one for all the other sections too please:)

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    The workbook I made for the first section (Kinematics) was a trial test sort of thing… I basically took the content that is already on the site and compiled it into one download. I haven’t heard feedback whether it’s helpful or not, so I have not yet put together any others for the successive sections/chapters. The content is already on the website next to each experiment, but it’s not all in one download file.

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    Is there a workbook for the 2nd unit (newton’s laws) of the physics class

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    I’ll have my team connect with you right away!

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