Special Science Teleclass: Rocketry & Spaceflight

This is a recording of a recent live teleclass I did with thousands of kids from all over the world. I’ve included it here so you can participate and learn, too!

Blast your imagination with this super-popular class on rocketry! Kids learn about fin design, hybrid and solid-state rocketry, and how rockets make it into space without falling out of orbit. This class is taught by a real live rocket scientist (me!). We’ll launch rockets during the class, too!

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7 Responses to “Special Science Teleclass: Rocketry & Spaceflight”
  1. Aurora says:

    Have you seen SpaceX’s landings? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vr_C6LQ7mHc They use rockets to guide it back to earth to land.

  2. victoriahanline says:

    Hello Mrs. Lipper I was wondering how the rocket lands with out a parachute. Can you explain, please?

  3. Daisy Toro says:

    Ok, thank you.

  4. Aurora says:

    We are going to be posting it soon – there was a problem wi th the formatting of the video that we need to fix before it’s posted. Check back soon!

  5. Daisy Toro says:

    Hello Aurora, I enrolled in the Rocketry and Spaceflight Teleclass but i missed it. Could I please have access to the Teleclass? Thank you.

  6. Aurora says:

    Well, usually because we don’t really understand it properly, so to us, it just seems impossible. 🙂

  7. Kelly Mann says:

    how can something scientifically impossible but still work

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