Fold a Cube

There’s more than one way to fold a cube. So print out the attachment, grab some tape and sticky notes and we’ll have some fun with geometry! How many different shapes can you use to make a cube?

NOTE: You’ll want to pause the video when the screen says, “Circle your answers!” (This is at about the 2:02 mark on the video timer). Wait until you’ve recorded your predictions to view the end of the video so that the fun isn’t spoiled for you.

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2 Responses to “Fold a Cube”
  1. Aurora says:

    Well, since it’s a cube, it can be any length you want, as long as all the sides are the same. “Post it” notes are traditionally 3″ square.

  2. Ahsan Nuri says:

    we want to make a cube and we don’t have sticky notes. could you tell us how long is your sticky not i mean please take your ruler and measure it?


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