Amazing Octopi

I have to admit, one of my all-time favorite animals is the octopus. It’s not only an invertebrate, but amazingly intelligent and can be poisonous (like the blue-ring Octopus shown here) or not.

The octopus is an animal because it’s multi-cellular (more than one cell, so amoeba and protists are not animals), it’s moveable (not like a fungus), and a heterotroph (not a plant). Their life cycle starts with a single cell that divides and leads into a multi-celled adult.

All molluscs have a muscular foot on the bottom, and there are three basic shapes: gastropods (snails and slugs), bivalves (oysters and clams), and cephalopods (octpous and squid).

The Indonesian Mimic Octopus, Thaumoctopus mimicus. This fascinating creature was discovered in 1998 off the coast of Sulawesi in Indonesia, the mimic octopus is the first known species to take on the characteristics of multiple species. This octopus is able to copy the physical likeness and movement of more than fifteen different species, including sea snakes, lionfish, flatfish, brittle stars, giant crabs, sea shells, stingrays, jellyfish, sea anemones, and mantis shrimp.

This animal is so intelligent that it is able to discern which dangerous sea creature to impersonate that will present the greatest threat to its current possible predator. For example, scientists observed that when the octopus was attacked by territorial damselfishes, it mimicked the banded sea snake, a known predator of damselfishes.


16 Responses to “Amazing Octopi”
  1. o_Asterix says:


  2. Mary Legreid says:


  3. Aurora says:

    Yes they sure can! You can read more about it here:

  4. Student Login says:

    Can the mimic octopus change colour?
    In the video, he changed shape but I didn’t notice any colour changes.

    Katherine Braman

  5. Jessica Taylor says:

    octopi are so fun to watch!

  6. Aurora says:

    The same? How? And compared to what?

  7. Malcolm Smith says:

    Are squid the same?

    From Briar.

  8. Malcolm Smith says:


  9. Aurora says:

    Yes, cuttlefish are marine animals that are part of the class Cephalopoda, which includes octopodes, squid, and nautiluses. Cuttlefish are actually molluscs, not a fish at all!

  10. Corrinna Smith says:

    Dear Aurora.
    The other day my dad and I went to the beach and saw a fisherman catch a very colourful
    squid, we sent a photo to my sister and my mum, my sister didn’t think it was a squid but thought it was a cuttlefish
    because it was so colourful. I know squid are part of the cuttlefish family but are squid cuttlefish?

    from Briar.

  11. Ching-Yu Hsu says:


  12. Luila Barber says:

    my favorite is the blue ringed octopus , they are tiny but extremely poisonous though

  13. Chani Krongold says:

    That is the coolest octopus I’ve ever seen!

    Tamar krongold

  14. Terri Cleary says:

    They are good at what they do but they creep me out.

    Alexander Cleary

  15. Pamela Church says:

    they seem very intelligent

  16. Lillian Jackson says:

    They’re awesome, beautiful, and so graceful! This is amazing!

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