Bacteria Micromotor

Bacteria have a bad reputation. Walk down the cleaning aisle of any store and you’ll see rows and rows of products promising to kill them. There are definitely some bacteria that cause problems for people, and we’ll talk about them soon, but we are going to start off positive, and talk about the many ways bacteria can be helpful.

First, decomposers help control waste. Without these bacteria, the amount of waste in soil would quickly make the soil a place where nothing could grow. Bacteria are even used in sewage treatment plants to treat our waste. Decomposers also help provide organisms with nitrogen, as was discussed earlier.

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2 Responses to “Bacteria Micromotor”
  1. Aurora says:

    Oh no! That’s not right. We actually have a professional editing team that proofs everything for us. I’ll have them take a look.

  2. melissa_bachmann says:

    There are several typos on this page “Since bacteria are made of only one cell, they are very cell.” as one example. I recommend proof-reading this page.

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