Bernoulli’s Principle

Bernoulli’s Principle: an increased speed of moving fluid (or air) results in a lower air pressure.

Materials: A funnel and a ping pong ball

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5 Responses to “Bernoulli’s Principle”
  1. Aurora says:

    Excellent question! What happens if you try it? (smile!)

  2. heatherjma says:

    Would the ping pong fly out at your face if you blew directly on it from above?

  3. Aurora says:

    Then you’d be a vacuum. And not using Bernoulli’s principle.

  4. Lydia Fancher says:

    hmm… what if I suck in air?

  5. needle says:

    This is Noah. I am 7. I decided to put the ball in a bigger funnel and blow across the top. The ball bounced and flew in the funnel. It was cool to see it work that way.

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