Detonating Bubbles

This experiment is for advanced students.

Zinc (Zn), is a metal and it is found as element #30 on the periodic table. We need a little zinc to keep our bodies balanced, but too much is very dangerous.

Zinc is just like the common, everyday substance that we all know as di-hydrogen monoxide (which is the chemical name for water). We need water to survive, but too much will kill us.

DHMO: In chemistry, “Di” equals the number 2; hydrogen is H; mono equals the number one; and oxide is derived from oxygen, and its symbol is O. Put these together and you have Di-hydrogen (H2), and mono oxygen (O). Put them together, what do you have? Water!

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6 Responses to “Detonating Bubbles”
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  2. wheresbo says:

    How do I get all the supplies in chemistry?

  3. Aurora says:

    I’ll have my team connect with you right away!

  4. Anita Wirth says:

    Can this be turned on for us to watch and do?

  5. Aurora says:

    Yes the v2.0 of C3000 has a different set of chemicals from the v1.0, which unfortunately happens sometimes when we use products outside our company like this chemistry set. However, you can purchase zinc powder inexpensively here. Hope this helps!

  6. Wendy Beard says:

    Our c 3000 kit did not come with zinc. It only has a zinc strip.

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