Hidden Magnetic Fields

A magnetic field is a space around a magnet that the force of magnetism acts. It’s surprising how strong the forces are the closer you are to the magnet. This is a quick and simple experiment to investigate and discover magnetic field strength. Do you think four magnets have a stronger magnetic pull than one?

You’ll find the answer quite surprising… which is: it depends.


  • stack of round magnets (7-9)
  • film canisters (or small containers like M&M containers)
  • clay or foam or tissue
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5 Responses to “Hidden Magnetic Fields”
  1. jredwitz_ca says:

    Unfortunately the student worksheet & exercises (which talk about creating a compass), do not correspond to the video or reading (which talk about magnetic field strength).

  2. Aurora says:

    Yes – you’re hearing the electromagnetic waves in the audible range – it’s making a small part of the lamp vibrate and you can detect with with your ears!

  3. Robert D'Angelo says:

    Hi Aurora, when I put a magnet against a desk lamp, I heard a rrrrrrr sound and when I took away the magnet, the sound stopped. I was wondering if it was an electro-magnetic field. Is it?

  4. Aurora says:

    Right… there are TWO sets of exercises. One for the entire Lesson which includes several different experiments, and one smaller set for the experiment itself. Does that help clarify things?

  5. Jennifer Harrison says:

    The link to the student exercises goes to a different experiment that doesn’t match this one.

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