Space Station Tour

This is a FOUR-PART video series that takes you on a complete tour of the International Space Station, guided by a NASA astronaut and filmed in the summer of 2009. Enjoy!

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10 Responses to “Space Station Tour”
  1. Carol Emmert says:

    what are all the things he is talking about?

  2. Aurora says:

    They are in low earth orbit, so yes they are in space. They are still experiencing the pull of the Earth’s gravity, but since they are orbiting the Earth at just the right speed to stay in orbit, it feels “weightless” to them.

  3. Caroline Wood says:

    Where can I get a good clear easy to read sky chart of my region?( I mean free and online and preferably printable)

  4. Caroline Wood says:

    Are they in space in this video? If not, why are they floating?

  5. Aurora says:

    Yes – there’s a whole section on black holes in Unit 7, and there’s a special black hole teleclass coming soon!

  6. Taben Taben says:

    hey do you have anything on black holes

  7. Aurora says:

    Check the syllabus here:

    January is Chemistry month, so make sure you have your chemical set ready!

  8. sevy keble says:

    When is the next unit going up?
    sevy keble 🙂

  9. sevy keble says:

    Looks like a nice video, but it couldn’t work for us. It couldn’t load. 🙁
    sevy keble 🙂

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