Recent Astronomical Events

Comet Shoemaker Levy Colliding with Jupiter

Spectacular images of Jupiter during and after impacts, when over twenty fragments of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 smashed into the planet in July 1994. Click here to read more.

Solar Flares caught by SOHO

This mega-flare was seen being spewed out by the Sun starting at 20:29 CET on 4 November 2003. This video sequence was captured by SOHO’s Extreme ultraviolet Imaging Telescope. Don’t worry about the image being green – it’s just the filter they used in order to see.Click here to read more.

In this video below, astronomers blocked out the sun (seen as a white circle in the center of the red disk) so they could see the action in the corona.


12 Responses to “Recent Astronomical Events”
  1. kathmacgall says:

    Wow! But how did they get the close up of the comet fragments when they were flying by in the beginning of the video? and why is Jupiter spinning so slowly while the comet fragment are going really fast?

  2. Aurora says:

    That’s a real video… cool isn’t it?

  3. kathmacgall says:

    Is the above video of jupiter real or computer graphic imaging? Was the video of the suns corona on an earth based telescope or on a satellite? If the telescope was earth based how we’re they able to film the sun for several days strait with out the sun setting? And if it was on a satellite how did the satellite maintain a steady shot while it was flying through space? what was the name of the telescope/satellite?

  4. Caroline Wood says:

    Do sun flares affect our weather?

  5. Aurora says:

    They can get WAY bigger than the earth! Here’s an article about space weather:

    And here’s an image of a large flare compared with the size of the earth:

  6. Caroline Wood says:

    How high is a sun flare?

  7. Sonya Fiebig says:

    Whoa, cool!


  8. Aurora says:

    Transiting means that one object is passing in front of another. So when Venus transits across the face of the sun, you’ll see a black dot (Venus) moving from one side of the sun to the other. (This isn’t something you want to observe with your naked eyeballs, though.)

    You can see pictures of Io transiting Jupiter here:

  9. sevy keble says:

    What is “transiting”?

  10. Aurora says:

    Yes, good question – I think it was Venus transiting. I can check my star charts to verify that it was Venus, not Mercury.

  11. sevy keble says:

    In the Huge Solar Flare video, what was that thing that looked like a small, white ship going across the sun close to the end?

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