Good Old Telephone

telephoneThis is the experiment that all kids know about… if you haven’t done this one already, put it on your list of fun things to do. (See the tips & tricks at the bottom for further ideas!)

We’re going to break this into two steps – the first part of the experiment will show us why we need the cups and can’t just hook a string up to our ear.  Are you ready?

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8 Responses to “Good Old Telephone”
  1. Good suggestion!

  2. bac051201 says:

    is fishing line a possibility

  3. Aurora says:

    Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

  4. John Poulnott says:

    can you use twine?

  5. Melissa Houston says:

    I did this as a kid and had so much fun!!! WE added a third string and cup. That worked well, too!!!! Know we all get in on the fun!!!!

  6. Maricelli Pena says:

    it was super fun i did it with my mom my sister was doing it as well and i loved and my mom was scratching the table soooooo much fun

  7. Aurora says:

    Look like our server had a hiccup. Go ahead and try again.

  8. Anita Mullins says:


    I have tried Internet Explorer 8, Chrome, and Firefox without success to start this video. A number of other videos (not all) are not starting either.

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