Shopping List for Unit 7

How many of these items do you already have? We’ve tried to keep it simple for you by making the majority of the items things most people have within reach (both physically and budget-wise).

The shopping list for Astrophysics is small, as we don’t want you building a nuclear reactor in your garage… we’re going to be doing a lot of stuff online and in the reading for this unit. Subatomic particles moving near the speed of light are hard to work with anyway.

Are you ready?

Shopping List for Unit 7: Astrophysics Click here for Shopping List for Unit 7.

NOTE: Radio Shack part numbers have been replaced. Click here for full chart.

Material List:
2 sheets of paper
Small rocks
Magnet (any size)
Radio that tunes near 100 MHz (the one in your car is perfect)
Black construction paper
Wire coat hanger (without insulation)
Aluminum foil
Clean, empty pickle jar
Hot glue gun, scissors, tape

For Advanced Students:
Clean, empty pickle jar (yes, another one)
Black felt
Small block of dry ice block (use gloves to handle very carefully)
Rubbing alcohol



5 Responses to “Shopping List for Unit 7”
  1. Aurora says:

    Restaurant supply stores and some grocery stores also may sell it as well!

  2. jellybeen64 says:

    Welding supply stores sell dry ice.

  3. Helen Morton says:

    Thank you. I’ll call around…

  4. Aurora says:

    We get ours from our local grocery store, but I know that places that serve hunting/fishing equipment will also know where to find it.

  5. Helen Morton says:

    Any recommendation where to buy the dry ice? We live in New Jersey. Thanks! Helen M

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