Make an Insect Aspirator

Some insects are just too small! Even if we try to carefully pick them up with forceps, they either escape or are crushed. What to do?

Answer: Make an insect aspirator! An insect aspirator is a simple tool scientists use to collect bugs and insects that are too small to be picked up manually. Basically it’s a mini bug vacuum!

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10 Responses to “Make an Insect Aspirator”
  1. Crystal Burling says:

    HAHA! lol thats so cool lol I think ill be able to use these on the little bugs that we have on our back porch and our baby rolli pollies lol
    cool idea! πŸ˜‰

  2. Aurora says:

    Most ants do… you can read more about it here.

  3. Regina Woodley says:

    do all ants release this toxin?

  4. Michelle Fansler says:

    i thought it was really cool how the suction did that.

  5. Michelle Fansler says:

    I LIKE POTATOES!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Beth Symes says:

    i made 1 .zachy 11

  7. Aurora says:

    When you inhale through one straw, it creates a partial vacuum inside the jar (a lower pressure area), and since higher pressure always pushes, air gets drawn into the other tube. If you put a bug next to it, it will get swept up as the pressure equalizes.

  8. mell p says:

    how dose it work

  9. Leslie Everett says:

    My kids loved this!

  10. Lorelei Grecian says:

    Thats pretty cool, but isn’t that kinda discusting?

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